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Baby Boone#3 August 20, 2009

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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers


Moving Blog December 17, 2009

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I am in the process of moving my blog to a different server. You can now find my blog on:


blogspot has alot more options and extras and I like this server better. So i’m in the process of moving posts over manually since the import blog isn’t working correctly between Blogspot & wordpress but all my new posts will be on there. 🙂 As a matter of fact, hop on over because I did finally update!!



To my stillborn brother (a poem for rylee & Jayden) November 22, 2009

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To my stillborn brother:


18w5d :: Amnio Results November 18, 2009

Well, I know I have been absolutely horrible. You would think that being on bedrest would allow me more time to blog but I have found myself being completely exhausted with no energy to even type on the computer. But I’m back in action, kind of, for today that is! (more…)


16 weeks October 28, 2009

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Okay, yes I have been way to lazy and have not blogged that much. But here I am. Things are going good minus the pain, it’s not as bad as it was but it’s not 100% better either. But as long as I have a healthy baby I suppose I can deal with a little bit of pain! (more…)


15 weeks * It’s a…. October 22, 2009

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I have been having some pain, sort of like my ovaries are going to explode so I finally called the doctor and she got me in to see the nurse practitioner to get checked out. No bleeding and cervix is high and closed tight. But she said just to be on the safe side, she wanted to do an ultrasound and make sure there were no cysts. (more…)


14 weeks October 15, 2009

14 weeks down! Only…. 24 weeks to go! Baby is doing wonderful! I had my “fetal heartbeat tone” check on monday. Heartbeat was about an inch-inch and a half under my belly button! S/he is growing wonderfully. The Heartbeat was 157 beats per minute! Mom went with me since JB couldn’t make it. (THANKS MOM!)  And I’m doing pretty good too. (more…)


13 weeks!! October 8, 2009

Yup another week down!! A week or so ago my OB had trouble finding the heartbeat and had to push in and it was way down by my pubic bone. Yesterday I got out my doppler and I found the heartbeat immediately and I also got it one inch below my belly button! (more…)


12 weeks 2 day – A Walk to remember October 3, 2009

We had our annual “A Walk to Remember” walk through st. francis hopsital today. It was a good day even though it was chilly! All the babies names were read allowed, then we did a balloon release which was amazing! and I got a mum plant for my front porch. It was very enjoyable even though there were quite a few tears! (more…)


Moving Update September 29, 2009

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Alright so JB went to get his orders today for the Army. (more…)


11 weeks 5 days and a little tidbit of information!

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Yesterday I had my 12 week appointment. After several minutes and anxiety of looking for the heartbeat, my OB finally found it! It was sooo good to hear. Very reassuring. Everything went very well. (more…)


11 weeks 3 days *200 days to go!* September 27, 2009

Yup that’s right! Only 200 more days to go until my due date! Which means only 186 until my 38th week when they said I should have my c-section! Slowly but surely we are making our way! (more…)


11 weeks September 24, 2009

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Congrats to me and baby boone #3. HAHA. We’ve hit 11 weeks. So, there is this new pee test (like a pregnancy test) that is a chemical reaction and it tells you whether you will have a girl or a boy. (Intelligender Predicter Test). and *drumroll*  It’s a……………….. (more…)


10 weeks 4 days September 21, 2009

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I’m so cranky!! I’ve been so irritated since I woke up this morning. It could have to do with the fact that I didn’t get very good sleep last night, or even for the last few nights or it could have something to do with the fact that I bought bologna the other day at the store and someone already ate it ALL! (more…)


10 Weeks September 18, 2009

Well I haven’t updated in a week! Sorry about that. I’ve been so sick!! I was in the hospital two weeks ago this sunday for dehydration. They gave me an IV and Zofran to knock the vomitting. Which worked there. (more…)


8 week 3 days September 7, 2009

Well, I found my way to the hospital today. The last two weeks I have been miserable with morning sickness. The last few days I haven’t been able to keep anything down. So my OB sent me to the hospital to get an IV for dehydration and to get an anti-nausea med. (more…)


8 weeks 1 day September 4, 2009

We got our fetal doppler in the mail today! We went ahead and tried it out just to see how it worked, thinking we’d be to early to hear the heartbeat but sure enough we heard it! It’s 145 bpm!! I’m very excited, though it’s still early so it’s not a constant reading it comes and goes because baby is still so very tiny! Once the heart beat is going strong and we can hear a constant beating, we will be able to record it to the computer and upload it on here for all of you to hear!


8 weeks! September 3, 2009

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Well, I do have to say that the more we come along the more confident I feel that this is finally our time to shine! We are finally 8 weeks pregnant. We are past our first milestone, which was our miscarriage at 5 weeks. But we still have a long, long way to go. Our next milestone is having that baby in our arms. We’ve lost our innocents to pregnancy and have learned that even at full term 39 weeks things can go wrong. But we are being optimistic and keeping our faith. (more…)


7 weeks 4 days August 31, 2009

Well we had our first maternal fetal specialist (Dr. S) appointment this morning. We first had our ultrasound. The tech didn’t do an audio for us to hear the heartbeat but we could see it! She recorded it on video for us. Once we get farther along we will have the 4D ultrasounds there. (more…)


7 weeks 3 days August 30, 2009

I’m miserable! I’ve been so so sick, tired, no energy. I can’t even smell food! It’s horrible and I am so hungry! (more…)


6 weeks 6 days *magical* August 26, 2009

Well, we have some more good news! We had our 2nd ultrasound with the OB. There is actually something in that black hole! LOL! (more…)


6 weeks 0 days August 20, 2009

Well we have past our first milestone. We miscarried last month at 5 weeks 2 days and we have hit 6 weeks. So that is a positive note to look at. Somedays it excites me and other’s I feel like it’s not fair that we should have to get excited to make it just this far. (more…)


5 weeks 5 days August 18, 2009

Well we have some GREAT news! My numbers grew 5 times more than they were supposed to!



Pregnant Again & Going well! August 15, 2009

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Well, we are once again pregnant. This is our 3rd pregnancy and hopefully our first screaming baby! Today I am 5weeks and 2 days pregnant. I was 5 weeks last month (7.9) when i miscarried our second pregnancy due to low progesterone. This time, I found out quite early. I got a positive home pregnancy test (HPT) at 10 DPO (days past ovulation). I have never got a positive HPT before 14 DPO. So it was a bit of a shock! (more…)


A Sgt’s Wife July 27, 2009

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Yay! JB was promoted sunday to Sgt!! I’m absolutely so very proud of him!!! 🙂



My brain is where? July 19, 2009

So, yes we lost another baby. We are heartbroken. And my brain is just going in sane. I feel as if I’m about to lose it. It doesn’t help that JB is gone for two weeks with military training. He’s not having the best of times emotionally either. How could this of happened to us again? Why do we get the crappy end of the stick? I mean seriously, have we not been through enough already?? (more…)


Sad update July 17, 2009

I sadly update that we have lost another baby. On 7/9/09 my OB called to report that my HCG levels dropped down to 20 and then I ended up bleeding not too long after the phone call from my OB. We are heartbroken once again. Wondering when we’ll get our big break and be able to have a living child to brighten our days. My OB said that we are able to try again right away because I was only 5 weeks along, but I think with the packing and the moving and the craziness associated with the military, we are going to wait until we are settled in and the stress goes down. I know that JB is really torn up over this. He just opened up about Jayden and then this hits and its hitting him all at once. 😦 I just want to hug him but he’s gone for two weeks for annual training. So send some prayers his way.

That’s all I have for today – I’ll update later.
*Mommy to two angels in heaven*


Update & Prayers Please July 8, 2009

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I would like to say thank you to all of you who replied to my post about being PG! We are truely excited and scared like no other! We do need some prayers though…. (more…)


Finally Pregnant Again! July 6, 2009

That’s right, we are finally pregnant again. It’s been 5 months of trying since we lost our precious angel. And while no baby will ever replace our sweet baby Jayden, I’m comforted to say that this new baby has his/her guardian angel of their own. I know Jayden will be watching over them and taking care of them and JB and I. (more…)


Packing sucks… June 25, 2009

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Well, I officially hate packing. This has been the 4th move in the last two years. Let’s just say we love change and we better get used to moving 🙂 We still don’t have any orders in our hands yet, the military is sort of a hurry up and wait kind game but that’s okay. I feel like that gives me a little more time to pack and keeps things less stressful. (more…)


Happy Birthday to me! June 21, 2009

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We’ll yesterday was my birthday and I couldn’t of asked for a better day. (more…)


A New Road…. June 20, 2009

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Well, Josh has finally decided to switch from Army National Guard to Active Army. (more…)


what a month! June 5, 2009

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Well I know I am not updating here as much as I used to, but I do find that in a way its sort of a good thing. In our support group last month we did an exercise of how we felt right after our loss and how we feel now. I went back and read all of my blog posts and I really see my ups and downs. But I also see that as I start to feel better and I start to be able to get back into living life and looking forward, I haven’t blogged as much. I’ve felt good this last week. I hope that in the next few weeks things get a lot better.

Things have been crazy busy lately. Which is good. I like staying busy. Keeps my brain from thinking! We re-did my office and its amazing!! I will post pics later. We have re-done our flower bed, cleaned the house, gone to family events, military events, and tried to squeze one on one time in too. Who knew itd be so hard!

As for our trying for another beautiful baby boone, no luck last month. I was late and really bummed when “it” came. But hey. I do finally get to celebrate my bday this year. 16 days!!! Ill be 22! (Wow!)

Where did that number come from? Yeah I’m not sure either!

Alright well time to head home from work!!



ready.set.destress!! May 22, 2009

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Alright. Yes I need to destress. You would think my vacation would of handled that for me but I managed to come home and get completely stressed out again. My anxiety is through the roof! I have officially accepted that I was born without the stress management skill. I don’t have it.

Every little thing and even people litterally make me so stress I don’t know what to do with myself at times. The littlest thinks erk me. The littlest disagree ment seems like the end of the world.

Not to mention I’m losing hair by the handful!! Make that…. Handful(s). I’m talking 4-6 handfuls after showering and another 1-2 throughout the day. Its a wonder I’m not bald yet!!!

I can proudly say that this month I have not let ttc consume me (and I still managed to get stressed out). But I haven’t charted temps/discharge and I only peed on a stick for about 7 days and to be honest unless I make an effort to look at my fertility monitor, I can’t tell you what cycle day I’m on. I generally know which week but that’s about it. And I like it this way. Charting ruins me. Too stressful. I do know that AF (my period – aunt flow as other ttc-ers call it) should arrive next weekend. And I have pledged to myself that I will not test unless I miss my period.
So I’m ready for the weekend which for me approx. Starts at 130am on fridays since I work nights. We do have a busy one tho… Sat is tailgating at the race and sunday is the race and we get to go with the guard recruiting team, check out the pits and al that fun jazz!!

Okay well I’m back to work for now- I’m sure everyone can hear my thumbs texting away!!

Xo. KB


HERE! May 19, 2009

Alright, so I’m back in action. The vacation was wonderful but I am now home and getting back into a routine. I am now officially counting down until my 22nd birthday (32 days) and until we head to vegas for Kristin (sister) & Jason’s wedding (86 days)!

We are also trying to figure out a time to take a trip to Canada to meet up with our new canadian friends we met on the cruise 🙂 So that should be in the near future too!

Life is sort of back to normal.  Mother’s day went better than I had expected although all we did was sleep in an airport – but that was perfectly fine with me. Not much to remind me which day it was except for the few lovely text messages (thank you!!) and a screaming newborn in front of us on the plane (figures right?)

Mom came over and helped me clean  the house this weekend! It was much needed since the the friends, who were staying with us until they found a place, found a place to call home. Dad fixed the toilet and messed with the water heater and mom and I cleaned/mowed the grass… okay mom did that – I admit i’ve never touched a lawn mower in my life – nor do I plan to. I consider that JOSH’S chore (except when mom comes to do it lol). I don’t like getting dirty with grass stains.

Anyway, JB is in Nashville tomorrow so I’ll be working and then starting to tear in to my big black whole. (AKA my office).  I get all of our bills via e-mail so the fact that I also get paper mail doesn’t quite work for me. I have a HUGE pile of mail that just needs to be shredded but our poor shredder can only handle 3 pages at a time – so it takes quite a while to do. I also need to clean out everything in the office because we are planning on re-doing my office!! YAY! making it into an official craft space and craft space alone. My sewing machine will finally have a place of it’s own on an uncrowded desk and plenty of storage and shelving with room to grow!

Emotionally, things have been good. More good days than bad are starting to come, though those bad days can sure catch you off guard! TTC is getting frustrating. I know 3 months is nothing to a lot of people who try for years. But for me, it seems like an eternity. My brain thinks I should be pg 3 months ago and my heart knows i should already have a baby in my arms. So that on top of trying is just beyond my emotional control some days. I’m crossing my fingers as this week was “the week” particularly yesterday and today. JB left for Nashville today though so now it’s the waiting period again. This month I have not charted temps and fluids because I find myself to get overly anxious and stressed. So this month I’ve just stuck to peed on a stick (I’m addicted lol) and using the fertility monitor which tells you what day your fertile. And I have noticed a lot less stress. So we’ll see…. Check back in 10 +/- days for that result. 

JB is good. Back to work and traveling for the military. He LOVED the cruise and we are ready to plan our next cruise vacation! Hopefully to Bahamas/eastern Caribbean! 

Well back to work! 

xo, KB


Carnival Cruise Day #6 May 9, 2009

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Well, I officially…..


Carnival Cruise #5 May 8, 2009

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Well, today was a relaxing day. We had a “fun day at sea”. I got up at 830am to go get some lounge chairs. We laid out until about 2pm and then went to take a nap, which turned into sleeping until dinner!! (more…)


Carnival Cruise day #3

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Hello! We are finally on our cruise! It’s about 930pm and we are chillen in our room because the tops of my feet are very badly sunburnt. (more…)


Carnival Cruise – Day #1 May 4, 2009

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Hello! We are finally on our cruise! It’s about 930pm and we are chillen in our room because the tops of my feet are very badly sunburnt. And my feet are actually starting to swell so 8am first thing I’ll be checking out the medical center. (figures right? lol). I can’ hardly walk it hurts so bad. But we had a good two days in florida before our cruise. We flew in around noon and went to west palm beach to stay with M’s family. We went out to eat and then to bed the first night. Then woke up around 10am and went to the beach at 11am. Stayed from 11am-4pm. During this time is when I got sooo burnt! Well, the only thing that is burnt is the tops of my feet….

The VIP is awesome too. When we got to the port at noon-thirty, we were taken to a VIP lounge while everyone else had to stand in snake/queue lines. It took from 1230-3 for everyone else to get on and we got on right away! We were able to go have a few drinks and enjoy the ship until our luggage got to the room. Only downside to VIP is that your luggage gets on first, and to your room last! Because they fill up the luggage in the bottom of the boat and then when they set said they go through and deliver it to you. *oh well, worth it :)*

now we are hanging out on the ship. It’s fabulous! Our room is awesome, we have a king size bed, couch, vanity, bathroom, two big closets, private balcony. with a AWESOME view! We se sail at 4pm and slowly said good-bye to Miami Florida!!! We are officially out of the country! We had dinner at 6pm and had some awesome steak, mac n cheese and veggies and then some AMAZING *Chocolate Melting Cake*. It was like a thin cake layer with chocolate fudge in the middle. It’s to die for!!!! We actually have a table for four for dinner. We were sat with another couple who is from Ontario Canada. They are 21 & 22 and really nice. We will probably hang out with them a little. It’s their 2nd and 5th cruise. Glad we were sat with someone, we were worried about finding another couple our age to hang with.

We are going to hit up the 1030pm Welcome Aboard show and the probably turn in for the night because we are exhausted!!! We will be up first thing to see a dr about my feet because of the swelling (hopefully it’s better in the morning) and then we are heading out to the pool to relax and lay out – don’t worry – i’ll be wearing socks!!!

We have taken alot of pictures already but the internet is satellite and it’s slow. I have to type out my blogs and then get on and post them. And net is expensive too. So I’ll try to get on Wednesday and post some pictures but no promises!!

Have fun wherever you are!!! 🙂 We are having fun in the middle of the beautiful ocean!!!! Talk to you tomorrow with more updates!!!
(don’t worry mom- i’m fine just a little sun burn….. 🙂 )


I’m back again! May 1, 2009

Alright I guess I need to update a little bit. I’ve been absent for a week. (more…)


March for Babies WE HIT $999! April 22, 2009

Once again, my wonderful support system has pulled through! Our March of Dimes, March for Babies Team has hit $999! Only one dollar away from $1000!!! I am absolutely thrilled and another huge thank you goes out.  (and yes, this has set me in to a burst of tears… i’ve been so emotional lately!) (more…)


Seriously? April 18, 2009

Well once again these last few days have been horrible. We got our final blood test result back. (more…)


::I sent this to my boss:: April 4, 2009

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20 Things parents of Angels wish you would remember


WOW! a thankyou is on order!! April 3, 2009

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Okay. The day I signed up for the march for dimes :: march for babies walk, I set our team goal to $300, thinking that we would maybe it $150 atleast. You all are amazing. WE HIT $475!!!!!



status: one rough day after another :: bother me only if it’s imprtant April 1, 2009

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Title say much? Like I said one after another. 3 months later I’m still a mess and sadly I envision me like this years to come. Although I do pray it gets the least bit easier any day now.



just throwing this out there March 31, 2009

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I hate when people pretend Jayden never existed.


CRUISE!!! March 25, 2009

Man, 3 posts in a roll!!

So Josh and I are taking a VACATION!! (more…)


maternal/fetal specialist March 24, 2009

Well we had our first (of many) appointments with our maternal/fetal specialist. Dr. S was great. You can tell that he knows what he is doing. (Thank goodness!!) (more…)


getaway…weekend! March 22, 2009

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Well, this last weekend we decided to drive to Effingham, Illinois. (Yes that’s actually the name!) (more…)


KateCares Tests Results March 20, 2009

Well it’s been three months since I delivered Jayden and we finally have our report back from a stillbirth program called Kate Cares…. (more…)