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Carnival Cruise – Day #1 May 4, 2009

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Hello! We are finally on our cruise! It’s about 930pm and we are chillen in our room because the tops of my feet are very badly sunburnt. And my feet are actually starting to swell so 8am first thing I’ll be checking out the medical center. (figures right? lol). I can’ hardly walk it hurts so bad. But we had a good two days in florida before our cruise. We flew in around noon and went to west palm beach to stay with M’s family. We went out to eat and then to bed the first night. Then woke up around 10am and went to the beach at 11am. Stayed from 11am-4pm. During this time is when I got sooo burnt! Well, the only thing that is burnt is the tops of my feet….

The VIP is awesome too. When we got to the port at noon-thirty, we were taken to a VIP lounge while everyone else had to stand in snake/queue lines. It took from 1230-3 for everyone else to get on and we got on right away! We were able to go have a few drinks and enjoy the ship until our luggage got to the room. Only downside to VIP is that your luggage gets on first, and to your room last! Because they fill up the luggage in the bottom of the boat and then when they set said they go through and deliver it to you. *oh well, worth it :)*

now we are hanging out on the ship. It’s fabulous! Our room is awesome, we have a king size bed, couch, vanity, bathroom, two big closets, private balcony. with a AWESOME view! We se sail at 4pm and slowly said good-bye to Miami Florida!!! We are officially out of the country! We had dinner at 6pm and had some awesome steak, mac n cheese and veggies and then some AMAZING *Chocolate Melting Cake*. It was like a thin cake layer with chocolate fudge in the middle. It’s to die for!!!! We actually have a table for four for dinner. We were sat with another couple who is from Ontario Canada. They are 21 & 22 and really nice. We will probably hang out with them a little. It’s their 2nd and 5th cruise. Glad we were sat with someone, we were worried about finding another couple our age to hang with.

We are going to hit up the 1030pm Welcome Aboard show and the probably turn in for the night because we are exhausted!!! We will be up first thing to see a dr about my feet because of the swelling (hopefully it’s better in the morning) and then we are heading out to the pool to relax and lay out – don’t worry – i’ll be wearing socks!!!

We have taken alot of pictures already but the internet is satellite and it’s slow. I have to type out my blogs and then get on and post them. And net is expensive too. So I’ll try to get on Wednesday and post some pictures but no promises!!

Have fun wherever you are!!! 🙂 We are having fun in the middle of the beautiful ocean!!!! Talk to you tomorrow with more updates!!!
(don’t worry mom- i’m fine just a little sun burn….. 🙂 )


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