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11 weeks 3 days *200 days to go!* September 27, 2009

Yup that’s right! Only 200 more days to go until my due date! Which means only 186 until my 38th week when they said I should have my c-section! Slowly but surely we are making our way! In 3 days I will be entering my 13th week of pregnancy (which is 12 weeks 0 days to 12 weeks 6 days). So that means, My second trimester!! I’m so pumped. Monday is my next appointment (tomorrow) at 150pm. I really hope that the OB can hear the heartbeat on the doppler okay! I have a home doppler and can get the heartbeat *sometimes*. Right now the baby is still so small that if he/she is floating back towards my spine that I won’t be able to hear it very well on top. I also have a tilted uterus (thanks mom lol) so that makes it even harder to hear it until I’m further along.

Anyway, Tuesday is our day to go to MEPS and get orders! I’m very excited for it. It’s about darn time! I hate this hurry up and wait stuff but I suppose I should get used to it. As soon as we know where we are going…. I will be able to call the hospital on post and get some more specific information on my medical/pregnancy situation.

Below is my pregnancy milestone chart! Follow along with me!

Picture 6Picture 7


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