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A First of many “would have been” Firsts… January 28, 2009

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Most parents are celebrating happy firsts with their child. A First smile, a first tooth, a first christmas, a first birthday. Now while everyone else is celebrating happy firsts… mine are not so happy. We get to celebrate “a month ago today we found out his heart stopped” and “He would be one month old today” and “this would of been his first christmas”.



…..i have no title…. January 21, 2009

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Bear with me, I’m having a rough day.

I’ve had a few really good days lately, and I guess that always falls back on one really bad day.



crap…i need to keep my mouth shut! January 18, 2009

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So someone apologized to me today for their away status and for hurting my feelings.

I kinda feel like a shit head.