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8 weeks! September 3, 2009

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Well, I do have to say that the more we come along the more confident I feel that this is finally our time to shine! We are finally 8 weeks pregnant. We are past our first milestone, which was our miscarriage at 5 weeks. But we still have a long, long way to go. Our next milestone is having that baby in our arms. We’ve lost our innocents to pregnancy and have learned that even at full term 39 weeks things can go wrong. But we are being optimistic and keeping our faith. (more…)


6 weeks 6 days *magical* August 26, 2009

Well, we have some more good news! We had our 2nd ultrasound with the OB. There is actually something in that black hole! LOL! (more…)


Pregnant Again & Going well! August 15, 2009

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Well, we are once again pregnant. This is our 3rd pregnancy and hopefully our first screaming baby! Today I am 5weeks and 2 days pregnant. I was 5 weeks last month (7.9) when i miscarried our second pregnancy due to low progesterone. This time, I found out quite early. I got a positive home pregnancy test (HPT) at 10 DPO (days past ovulation). I have never got a positive HPT before 14 DPO. So it was a bit of a shock! (more…)


My brain is where? July 19, 2009

So, yes we lost another baby. We are heartbroken. And my brain is just going in sane. I feel as if I’m about to lose it. It doesn’t help that JB is gone for two weeks with military training. He’s not having the best of times emotionally either. How could this of happened to us again? Why do we get the crappy end of the stick? I mean seriously, have we not been through enough already?? (more…)


Sad update July 17, 2009

I sadly update that we have lost another baby. On 7/9/09 my OB called to report that my HCG levels dropped down to 20 and then I ended up bleeding not too long after the phone call from my OB. We are heartbroken once again. Wondering when we’ll get our big break and be able to have a living child to brighten our days. My OB said that we are able to try again right away because I was only 5 weeks along, but I think with the packing and the moving and the craziness associated with the military, we are going to wait until we are settled in and the stress goes down. I know that JB is really torn up over this. He just opened up about Jayden and then this hits and its hitting him all at once. 😦 I just want to hug him but he’s gone for two weeks for annual training. So send some prayers his way.

That’s all I have for today – I’ll update later.
*Mommy to two angels in heaven*


Finally Pregnant Again! July 6, 2009

That’s right, we are finally pregnant again. It’s been 5 months of trying since we lost our precious angel. And while no baby will ever replace our sweet baby Jayden, I’m comforted to say that this new baby has his/her guardian angel of their own. I know Jayden will be watching over them and taking care of them and JB and I. (more…)


Happy Birthday to me! June 21, 2009

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We’ll yesterday was my birthday and I couldn’t of asked for a better day. (more…)