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maternal/fetal specialist March 24, 2009

Well we had our first (of many) appointments with our maternal/fetal specialist. Dr. S was great. You can tell that he knows what he is doing. (Thank goodness!!) He is very “to the point” about things yet has a great bedside manor and is not rude or inconsiderate at all. (We’ve heard horror stories about different doctors). we feel very comfortable in the aspect that we can kind of sit back and relax because we are in good hands.
He pretty much just said that there obviously isn’t a test that tells you what is wrong, but that they are doing the best they can to piece together the puzzle and figure it out. Right now we pretty much have the same information as before. Jayden just lost way too much blood. As to why he hemorrhaged, we are not 100% for sure, it could of been a lot of different things. We do know there was no initial trauma involved that caused him to bleed. It seems to be more of a backflow through the umbilical cord.
The took more blood – that makes 13 tubes taken in the last week!! I am pretty sure I don’t have any left either. But they will be monitoring my antibodies to make sure they stay low sine I had majority of Jayden’s blood backflow into my blood stream. He has me on prescipt iron, folic acid, prenatal, baby aspirin. As soon as we do find out we are pregnant, we have to call right away. As soon as they establish a heartbeat (normally 6-7 weeks) they will put me on two shots of low dose heparin a day. Yes, those are shots that I have to give to my self!! 😦 then from there its extensive monitoring of my blood, the baby, etc. I will be having a c-section due to me not being big enough and that causes shoulder problems for the baby. Right now he said it will be a wait and see game to when I will deliver. He said normally around 30 wks they will decide and schedule a day. It will defiantly be between 36-38 weeks. He wants to aim for no sooner than 37 because too soon can cause more problems than needed. However, everything happened between 38-39 weeks so we’ll just have to monitor closely.

We will have a rented fetal heart monitor at home. http://www.tinyheartbeats.org rents them to couples who have had a loss, so that they can have a piece of mind. We so will get one at 12 weeks.

Well, again, back to work!!! (I hate work :/)


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