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16 weeks October 28, 2009

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Okay, yes I have been way to lazy and have not blogged that much. But here I am. Things are going good minus the pain, it’s not as bad as it was but it’s not 100% better either. But as long as I have a healthy baby I suppose I can deal with a little bit of pain!

Miss Rylee is doing great though, her heartbeat is approx. 147-157 on average. Which is nice and strong!! We are coming up closer to our half way mark. Technically with being delivered early, the half way mark is 18 weeks for us. So only 2 weeks to go!!! I have my amnio next thursday and I’m so anxious and nervous. I almost don’t wanna do it now since we know its a girl, but that isn’t why we are having to do it. I guess we’ll atleast know 100% for sure if Rylee really is agirl athough according to her ultrasound, theres nothing between those legs!! Let’s just pray that Rylee is 0+ and we can cross those possible problems out of our book!

I can’t wait to go shopping. JB doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to have a baby shower since it’s a girl. I want to because I want to enjoy this pregnancy and baby and I want to celebrate but at the same time I can’t help be sad. I can’t help but mourn my baby boy. The only thing that keeps me from getting into a rut is to know Rylee has two angels up in heaven to keep her safe and watch over her. Who could be lucky enough to have not one, but two guardian angels?!

So JB and I have been arguing over middle names for some time now. I wanted Lyn because that is my middle name, Lynn is my dads middle name and Lynn is my papaws name. He wanted Nicole because that is his sisters middle name. We went back and forth. We decided we would come with something completely different and end that arguement. But after book and book and webpage and webpage of names NOTHING sounded right with Rylee. Then last night JB said he really wanted to call her Rylee J. But Jay seemed to boy-ish for me. And sorry but this girl is ganna be cute and girly and in dresses with cute shoes and purses. So we really liked the Jay part because Jayden is J-a-y and it would be cute to have a middle name for her big brother. To make it girly we came up with Jaylyn. Rylee Jaylyn Boone. It doesn’t exactly have the most perfect ring to it but absolutely no middle name has with Rylee lol but we like it and we can call her Rylee J for short.


5 Responses to “16 weeks”

  1. Krystle Meeks Says:

    I love it! I think it sounds great together! You guys need to to come see us… I guess now that you are having a girl a I can save Liley’s stuff if you want me too. She has a lot of really cut and really nice clothes. They will be the same season as Rylee will need since she was born in March. Just let me know! Love Ya!

  2. Rebekah Says:

    I totally understand your uncertainty about the baby shower. I feel the same way- I want to enjoy every moment and every aspect but I’m also scared about having to pack away all those things.

  3. sherry buzzard Says:

    Just wanted to add (since the last part of Rylee’s middle name is “lyn”), that her great-grandmother Buzzard’s middle name is also Lynn. I believe that surely, Lyn or Lynn in her name somewhere, is definitely meant to be. 🙂

  4. Amber Says:

    I’m so proud of you, Kara. You deserve all the happiness that Miss Rylee will bring. 🙂 You’re in my thoughts, as always.

  5. Ashley Says:

    OMG!! I have spent all morning catching up on your blogs. I am so proud of you and Josh. You guys are so young and have been through so much! I am so happy for you guys that thus far Rylee is doing so well, with such a strong heartbeaT!!!! 🙂 I was reading your last blog and trying to think of middle names that you guys could use that would incorporate both middle names. LIke Rylee “Jay Nicolyn” Boone or Rylee “Jay Nikolyn” Boone. That way you can still have a part of Jayden and Nicole and Lynn in her name! Its just a thought 🙂 Love you both and i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers 🙂 O btw where are you living now?? Haley never tells me anything!

    ❤ Ashley and Abrielle

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