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8 weeks! September 3, 2009

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Well, I do have to say that the more we come along the more confident I feel that this is finally our time to shine! We are finally 8 weeks pregnant. We are past our first milestone, which was our miscarriage at 5 weeks. But we still have a long, long way to go. Our next milestone is having that baby in our arms. We’ve lost our innocents to pregnancy and have learned that even at full term 39 weeks things can go wrong. But we are being optimistic and keeping our faith.Yesterday was our second prenatal appointment which we saw Nurse G. (nurse practitioner). I like all of the doctors and nurses in the office and the more I see them, the harder it is to accept we are moving soon. But she did tell me that as long as I give them plenty of notice, that I could come back home for my last month of pregnancy and deliver here. Now that being said, she reassured me that military doctors know what they are doing. They are always the first to tryout all the new technology so they have been doing everything alot longer. But what I think I am worried about more is their bedside manor. :/ I don’t want to be treated like a number. I need to be hand held through this pregnancy and told that it WILL end in a screaming happy kicking puking pooping baby. I NEED that reassurance and I need that care and compassion.

So of course that crosses my mind alot but honestly I can’t seem to focus on much else. This morning, noon, and night sickness is killing me. I can’t seem to keep my head out of the toilet long enough to do anything. I am so tired I have no energy and all I do is puke. I’m miserable. Nurse G offered some meds to help but she said that in my case, I’ll be more freaked out about not having any symptoms and she wants me to wait it out. She said B6 (which i’m taking), ginger/ginger ale (I’ve tried), mint gum (been chewing), and protien (eaten and thrown up) should help. Well, not for me but I think she is right, I don’t want to not have ANY symptoms because puking = things are going well and my body is doing what it should be. So for now, I’m going to be miserable.

At least JB is being a good sport. I feel so bad for him! Between my puke and my mood swings, he should get a medal or something. He’s been making dinner, letting me take naps and keeping the dogs at bay while I do so, rubbing my back, and holding me. He’s been amazing, but poor guy looks as miserable as I do!! He hasn’t said much about the pregnancy but when he does, he is very excited. I wasn’t expecting him to bond so much already because he isn’t the type to put feelings out there front and center, you kinda have to pull them out. But I think he is feeling just as good and confident as I am so far.

Well enough for today, I’m going to lay down because I feel the chunks coming – (ughk)

KB & BB#3

(ultrasound from tuesday: Heartbeat was 132 bpm and you can see her/his little leg buds!! the arrow is pointing to the head so s/he is kinda up-side-down floating around.)



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