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Moving Update September 29, 2009

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Alright so JB went to get his orders today for the Army. He ended up having to switch MOSs (career) in the army because there were no Infantry slots left. So he is going to be a Cavalry Scout. Now he’s already one of these in the Guard but I guess the training doesn’t transfer over so he has to go back through 9 weeks of AIT training to learn what to do for this MOS (even though he already knows it).

That being said, the first slot for him to do the training is January 21st. Okay fine, but I stay here while he is in training. The training doesn’t end until April 5th. Keep in mind I’m due April 15th and will be having my c-section @ 38 weeks (April 1st – April 6th). So there is a good chance that he may miss the delivery as well as missing the last two months of this pregnancy.

GOOD NEWS is that when he completes training, they said he will be stationed at Fort Knox, KY! Which is only 2 hours away from Indianapolis. And all of this means that I will get to keep my same OB/MFM doctors too which originally was my biggest concern with moving.

So, JB will come home in April and I’ll either of already had the baby or have the baby with in days of him being home and then we will move down to Fort Knox, KY.

So that is that!


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