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.Test.Results. February 27, 2009

We got our re-test of the blood clotting disorder back

and now it’s normal. So our doctor is ruling that out and we officially have no medical reason for Jayden’s passing. Although I have ran into a few people who say that they only have a blood clotting disorder when they are pregnant. So we will be seeing a maternal-fetal specialist to have these  tests looked into more closely because we are not ready to just throw the possibilty out the window just yet.

On a happier note, Josh and I are officially trying to concieve (TTC). We thought that we would wait a while after but we have both agreed that although we are still grieving for Jayden and no baby could EVER replace him, we are really ready to be parents. Now more than ever we want a baby in our arms. We know that it will take a lot of emotional strength to get thorugh another pregnancy along with alot of stress and tears but we are completely up to it. I think our families would probably like some grand kids around too, and not the furry kind (since they have tons already).

So here we go on another journey through the whole  TTC process. We are charting cycles, seeing our maternal/fetal specialist for advice as well as our normal OB. Send the good luck baby dust our way!

We met with our support group for dinner on tuesday night and that was awesome. We went to olive garden and had a great time. It’s so nice to be around others who have also lost their angels. Not that it comfort us to know they have, but they do completely understand and we don’t have to feel bad about certain things around them. I don’t think any of us appreciated it though, when the waiter asked us if we needed childrens menus…… yeah… wrong question to ask huh! Well we look forward to group on 3/10 🙂

Well that’s all for now! Chat at cha later on!



2 Responses to “.Test.Results.”

  1. BB Says:

    Hey my sweeties! I’m glad you guys are getting back on your feet and the support group sounds like a life saver! I’m so glad you guys found that. Best of luck TTCing! I know no baby will replace sweet little Jayden, but I also know you guys will be amazing parents! ❤ We love and miss you guys so much! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. Hello…somehow I found this page..not sure how but I do remember adding your angel to micahs website…I cant remember if you sent me a pic of him to add. Would you still like me to add one?

    Hapy to see you are TTC 🙂

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